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Superlative Gallery Info Overview

Do you remember NFT art? Non-fungible token or often known as NFT is a unique digital asset that can be used to prove ownership of certain works of art or collections. Some of you, maybe already know about this NFT from the many news that discuss NFTs. However, did you know that there is one place in Bali that is a place to see these NFT works ? Therefore, let's get acquainted with this place!

  1. Superlative Gallery

This Superlative Gallery is an art museum that displays various NFT works from Indonesian artists who are known to be very diverse and also have high value. This place is  the first offline NFT gallery in Indonesia built by one of the NFT communities, the Superlative Secret Society. With this place, the insight into NFTs is expected to become wider. This place can also be an intermediary for local artists who want to exhibit their work in this gallery. Inside this place, we can see various works displayed using LCD screens instead of paper or canvas. This certainly makes it in line with the form of NFTs as digital works of art.

  1. History of Superlative Gallery

Superlative Gallery has opened for the first time since January 11, 2022 with the peak event held for 5 consecutive days at that time, namely January 11-16, 2022. The community that succeeded in building this place is the Superlative Secret Society (or what can be called SuperlativeSS) which has been an offline NFT community since April 2020 and began to be active in June 2021. SuperlativeSS was built by 4 people, namely Prasetyo Budiman, Moh. Arif Wijaksana, Adam Adha, and Faatih Rifqi Muqaffi. Superlative Gallery, opened with a promise to investors to open an NFT gallery in Bali. The investors  from SuperlativeSS did come from abroad, so they felt so enthusiastic to choose the location of this gallery, which is on the island of the gods which for them is a "paradise". The team from SuperlativeSS is also rumored to be holding pop-up events in the Jakarta, New York, and UK areas. Therefore, they hope that with this they can make Indonesia proud in the international arena, and at the same time introduce Indonesian artists to the eyes of the world.

  1. Superlative Gallery Highlights

Superlative Gallery is a favorite destination for local and foreign tourists. Many of them like this gallery because the place is clean, neatly arranged, and also has many extraordinary works of art. Some of the attractions possessed by this place are as follows:

  1. Monitor the Performance of NFT Works

The wall of  this offline NFT gallery is filled with large monitor screens displaying various NFT works  with more than 11 thousand NFT series divided into abstract pixel-shaped images. This became a trending topic because it made it to the first page of which is the oldest and largest NFT marketplace in the world. Inside this place, there is one of the outstanding works, namely the NFT work of Arief Witjaksana (one of the initiators of SuperlativeSS). His handmade abstract work formed from 220 paintings of the artist's hands which are then processed through programmatic processing can stir the heart and make the audience amazed by his work. This is one of the reasons why SuperlativeSS has received such a good reception in the international market. 

  1. Sculpture Art NFT

Inside this gallery, there is a  sculpture art  or NFT robot sculpture that is quite large, where this object can also be one of the photo spots for visitors. So, in addition to recording and taking pictures with monitor screens displaying various NFT works , visitors can also take pictures with this one robot statue on the side of the room.

  1. Spot Souvenir

Visiting a place like this is incomplete if you haven't brought home souvenirs. So even though this place is not too big, they also have one spot that can be used as a target for NFT fans to shop. There are various items sold here, ranging from t-shirts with NFT-themed images, t-shirts with the words  Superlative Secret Society community, to hats and bags that have NFT themes and or say Superlative Secret Society. The price offered also varies, ranging from 150 thousand rupiah to above 200 thousand rupiah per item.

  1. Admission and Opening Hours

To be able to enter this Superlative Gallery does not cost a penny or in other words free! Every corner of this art gallery can be visited and immortalized using HP. Then, related to the opening hours of this one museum is very diverse, from Monday to Friday it opens at 10.00 – 18.00 WITA, while on Saturday it opens at 12.00 – 20.00 WITA, and on Sunday it opens at 15.00 – 21.00 WITA. So, visitors are expected to keep adjusting to their respective schedules so that they can come at the right time.