Warta Penalaran Getting to Know IQ Intelligence

Warta Penalaran

Getting to Know IQ Intelligence

  1. What it is Intelligence Quotient? 

Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is a person's ability to solve problems involving logic. Psychological traits, and individual scores on modern IQ tests are good predictors of many people's lives, including educational and career success, success, health, longevity, and even happiness (Gottfredson 1998). IQ is a numerical score calculated from the results of standardized intelligence tests. The average IQ score is 100, and most of the population is in the IQ score range between 85 to 115.

  1. IQ test standard scores

IQ tests were first created by Alfred Binet who was a psychologist from France in the early 20th century. The original form of the test was Stanford-Binet , which is still used today. Later, this test was developed again by psychologist Charles Spearman with the concept of overall intelligence or mental ability in performing various cognitive tasks. The following are the standard IQ test scores:

  • < 69 : Intellectual Disability (sangat rendah)

  • 70-79: Berderline (limits of intellectual function)

  • 80-89 : Low Average

  • 90-109 : Average

  • 110-119: High Average

  • 120-129 : Superior (above average)

  • >130 : Very Superior (cerdas)

  1. How to Increase IQ

  • Reading

In a study released in the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, researchers found that when parents read books aloud, children can experience improved cognitive and language skills. In addition, the more words that are heard, the child's brain can be stimulated so that his intelligence is increasingly honed.

  • Throuhg Games

One way to increase IQ is to do games that can sharpen the brain (brain games), such as crosswords, puzzles, or sudoku. These activities are believed to improve intelligence by training memory and reasoning and language skills.

  • Applying a Healthy Lifestyle

By eating a healthy diet that is plenty of fruits and vegetables, exercise regularly and avoid potentially harmful substances such as alcohol and other drugs.

From the discussion above, we have explained the meaning of IQ, standard IQ test scores and how to increase IQ, as for interesting facts about the criteria for people with low IQ and the criteria for people with high IQ, here is an explanation: 

Someone with a high IQ 

Someone with a high IQ, where the person has an IQ score above the average who has an IQ score of 110-119 even exceeding that number, is considered intelligent or a genius because he has a high IQ.

Characteristics of a person who has a high IQ 

The characteristics of people who have a high IQ or called geniuses, will generally be seen by parents when their children are still young. If so, it has been realized by parents and teachers that a child with high intelligence has more outstanding cognitive abilities than his peers. The following traits are generally exhibited by a person with a high IQ that can be observed in daily behavior: 

1. Have Excellent Self-Control

A study shows that someone who has a high IQ or genius person has the ability to control or manage themselves (self-regulation) better than the average child his age.

This ability is greatly influenced by the great motivation within to complete a job. High motivation makes them have more concentration power than children with average intelligence levels. That is what makes someone with a high IQ can show superior academic performance. After his thinking ability stands out, he will often be referred to as an intelligent person or genius.

2. High Idealist Properties

Geniuses who have a high idealistic nature and tend to be perfectionists, usually already have a clear picture or view of life. Geniuses already know what they will become and how to realize their dreams. This can also happen to a child. For children who are born with high intelligence, they basically have the instinct to be able to reason and act according to the understanding they have of a certain situation. This skill allows them to come up with new ideas or concepts naturally. Gifted children are also able to apply their ideas to the world around them to see what happens.

3. Perfectiont

On the other hand, this idealistic trait can make a person overexert himself to achieve the best results to meet the high standards or expectations that they have set themselves or often called perfectionists.

4. Have a high moral direction

A person who has a high IQ or a genius person tends to have a good moral direction. Moral direction or can also be called a moral compass is a person's ability to determine what is good and bad.

5. Have High Empathy

Someone who is a genius since childhood and talented from birth also generally tends to be more sensitive in looking at the world around them, either from things they witness themselves or from the media. For example, someone who can show sensitivity when they see something they shouldn't do, such as hitting another person and causing them pain.

Someone with a low IQ 

A person with a low IQ tends to be closed to new ideas, opinions, and information keeps their knowledge from developing. A person's high and low IQ is usually influenced by various factors such as the living environment, physical exercise, family income, to the education taken by a person can affect the IQ owned. The characteristics of someone who has a low IQ are:1. Lack of curiosity

Reporting from psychmechanis.com people who have a low IQ usually have less curiosity, thus making them stuck at their current level of knowledge. 

2. Closed Mind

A person with a low IQ tends to be closed to new ideas, opinions, and information keeps their knowledge from developing. Usually they just cling to the knowledge they have so that they only have enough knowledge.

Qoutes Albert Einstein

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”






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