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  1. What is FullBall Sport

Fullball is a type of large ball sport born in Indonesia which was invented by Rizky Arief Dwi Prakoso, Imam, Timothy, Ari, and Ilham. Fullball was first introduced on social media in March 2023. This sport itself has apparently started to be played by several people in December 2022. However, the rules and regulations were only announced in March when they were first introduced to social media. In a fast time, fullball has  many enthusiasts and as of July 2023, fullball has more than 1000 players in major cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Cilegon, and Bali. This sport will become an inter-campus competition also in Taiwan in May 2023.

  1. Get to know the sport of FullBall

( FullBall Games )

In this sport, matches can be played by 2 teams, where in one team consists of five players. The goal of each team is to score points by scoring a goal or hitting the opponent's target with the ball with the hand or foot and prevent the opposing team from scoring. The match is presided over by a referee, a table official, and a commissioner. This sport has a combination of elements of soccer or futsal and basketball in one game. The players in fullball use their feet to control the ball as in traditional soccer, but are also allowed to hold the ball and move like in the game of basketball. This innovative concept creates a unique and exciting style of play

  1. Tools and Accessories In FullBall

(FullBall Ball) (BallTarget)

  • Fullball ball, a ball with characteristics that bounce, lightweight, and painless if bounced firmly into the player's body. The size of the ball is 5, close to the shape and pattern of a volleyball.

  • Target Ball, where a post is mounted over the crossbar. If you successfully put the ball into the target, you will get 2 points if you use a throw, and 3 points if you use a kick.

  1. Fullball Field

(Field Size)

The criteria for a fullball match field, among others:

  • Flat, smooth, no obstacles to bounce the ball.

  • Can use a futsal court or basketball court (with a note that the court has a goal).

  • Hand zone line  with a radius of 7 meters from the goal mouth.

  • Red zone line with a distance of 1 meter from the goal mouth.

  • Paired "target" in the middle of the crossbar of both goals.

  1. Team Terms

Since  fullball is a team sport, here are the team tencies in a fullball game:

  • The number of people in 1 team playing on the field is 5 players.

  • In official competitions, each team must consist of a minimum of 7 to 12 team members who are eligible to play (including the captain), head coach, and a maximum of 8 accompanying delegates, such as assistant coaches and medics.

  • A team is not restricted to making substitutions, as long as it reports to the field table official and substitutes can play after being called in by the referee.

  1. Various Positions in the Team

(Tim FullBall)

  • Hustler is the goalkeeper and target. Hustler is like a queen in chess because it can move anywhere. Hustler is the only position entitled to exclusively control the red zone.

  • Sidelane is a player in a wing position who serves as a link between the team's attack and defense. It takes more stamina for the sideline because it is very reliable to help defense and counterattack.

  • Frontliner is the player whose position is closest to the opponent's defense. Players with the best throwing and kicking accuracy will be very suitable to play in this position.

  • Midlane is the position of the player who is in front of the hustler. His main job is to assist the hustler in defending, controlling the ball, and organizing attacks.

  1. Sistem Poin

In determining points in this sport, there are two ways to score and calculate points. These include:

  • Kick the ball into the goal or hit the target from outside the hand zone.

  • Throwing the ball hits the target.

Point Calculation:

  • Two Points = Throwing the ball hitting the opponent's target, kicking the ball into the opponent's goal from outside the hand zone.

  • Three Points = Kick the ball and hit the opponent's target from outside the hand zone.

  1. Fakta Menarik Lainnya Mengenai FullBall

  • Merger of futsal and basketball.

  • It has more than 1000 players in major cities.

  • Clubs have been formed in the cities of Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang and Bali.

  • It was an intercollegiate competition in Taiwan in May.